Good decisions save your smile! If you live well and eat well, your smile will follow. A smile has just as much to do with your well-being as it does clean teeth. When in need of a dentist, decisions are important. Basing your decisions on good information will help you maintain and achieve stability in your mouth.

Our process will help you make better decisions.


Screening with our coordinator – Our coordinator categorizes your problems into:

  • Short-term – Pain, infection and emergent cosmetic issues typically fall under this category
  • Long-term – Issues with smiling and chewing dominate this category. Missing and high-risk teeth are addressed here with our Comprehensive Preventive Protocol. See our blog for more on comprehensive prevention
  • Prioritizing these problems will give you a framework of reference that will help us serve you more efficiently.

payment arrangements:

Your payment arrangements are developed by our coordinator utilizing the following:

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All screenings and payment arrangements are subject to change given the doctor’s final diagnosis and treatment plan.
All refunds are executed hassle-free.