General Dentist

Marcus Swann, DMD

Direct Pay Dental Care was founded by Dr. Marcus T. Swann based on a simple idea. His idea abandons the old “cottage” culture of dentistry and revives the fundamental nature of a boot-strapping business serving the needs of a well-defined market. Concentrating volumes of information into an efficient system that serves a unique market is the business of Direct Pay Dental Care. We provide our patients with an uncomplicated way to receive effective dental care. His dental service is the product of an orchestrated effort towards condensing oral health care into a sustainable size conducive to professional integrity and good decisions.

Culture defines who we are and Dr. Swann wanted to find out more about himself. Upon graduating, he declined several highly-regarded general practice residencies, in Virginia, Maryland, and New York, and decided to extend his dental training experience to Brooklyn and Queens, New York at the St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers. Learning sedation, hospital protocol, oral surgery, and advanced pediatric and special needs procedures, Dr. Swann began to understand the challenges of a healthcare system and how it affects healthcare professionals and patients, alike.


Our coordinator serves as the patient’s advocate. 


I am responsible for the clinical care of patients, coordinating insurance benefits and treatment planning. I started working in the dental field in 2005 as a receptionist. I graduated from dental hygiene school in 2007 and practiced clinical hygiene for 10 years before starting with Dr. Swann in 2017. I take pride in being a patient advocate. My passion is single implant planning, scanning, and sure smile. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children.



I started working with Dr. Swann in 2012 and brought more than 30 years of dental experience to the practice. My passion is for fixed and removable prosthetics. I am closely involved with the denture and implant-supported cases. When I’m not at work you will find me spending time with my two sons and dogs.


I started working for Dr. Swann in 2018 as a dental assistant.  I am now  Dr. Swann’s lead chairside assistant which has allowed me to be more hands-on with the procedures that I enjoy like oral surgery and scanning implants. Working here has been a fulfilling experience because my role is always changing and I’m learning new concepts every day.  When I’m not working, I love spending time with my daughter.

Sterilization technician


I am a proud graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica. I started working with Dr. Swann in 2022. I have enjoyed working here because there is room for growth and the ability to accept new roles and responsibilities. Not only that, I strive for cleanliness and nothing brings greater joy than knowing I am promoting a clean and safe workspace.  Since starting I have become radiology certified and received my dental assisting license. My interests outside of work involve spending time with my daughter, hanging out with friends and family, doing creative DIYs, and interior decorating.



I graduated from Middlesex Community College with an associate degree in dental hygiene in 2008. With an interest in public health, I started working for Dr. Swann in 2018 and enjoy treating patients who might have limited access to quality care. I strive to prevent disease and promote health among groups with high incidence of medical problems. Outside of work I enjoy skiing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Office Administrator 


I started working for Dr. Swann in 2021 and have enjoyed working with our amazing team! My primary role for the office is administrative work and insurance coordinating. What I love about working here is that there’s always room for growth. Dr. Swann always gives me the opportunity to continue to strive in my position. In my free time, I enjoy going out to dinner with my husband and spending time with my dog, Frank.