General Dentist

Marcus Swann, DMD

Hi I’m Marcus Swann . I’m a General Dentist here at Direct Pay Dental Care. Direct Pay Dental Care was founded by Dr. Marcus T. Swann based on a simple idea. His idea abandons the old “cottage” culture of dentistry and revives the fundamental nature of a boot-strapping business serving the needs of a well-defined market. Concentrating volumes of information into an efficient system that serves a unique market is the business of Direct Pay Dental Care. We provide our patients with an uncomplicated way to receive effective dental care.


Our coordinators serve as patient advocates.  They perform screenings and arrange appointments and payment plans. 


I am responsible for dental screenings, administration of local anesthesia, financial planning and clinical care of patients.
I started working in the dental field in 2005 as a receptionist. I graduated from dental hygiene school in 2007 and practiced clinical hygiene for 10 years. In 2018 I earned the opportunity to become a treatment coordinator at DPDC. I strive to learn new concepts. Dr. Swann has taught me more than I expected to learn from a dental office. I take pride in being a patient advocate. My passion is single implant planning and implant-supported fixed prosthetics. I also enjoy Cerec crown design. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two children and golden retriever.


I am the Office Coordinator here at DPDC located in Cranston. I have been in the dental field for 15 years, starting my career in an Oral surgical office and worked per diem as well to retain knowledge in other fields of dentistry. My role at DPDC is to evaluate, educate, treatment plan and advocate for patients, addressing concerns and answering any questions they may have. Whether it be through the latest technology in this ever-changing field or by coordinating with Dr. Swann to provide the best possible dental treatment, myself and the staff are always learning. At DPD, Dr, Swann has offered me many opportunities to challenge myself and learn new procedures and for that I am appreciative. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, family, and simplicity.



I work closely with the doctor paying attention the details necessary to make a procedure go well. Supplies are ordered by me which gives me a good sense to what we are using and how its working for us. I’ve been an assistant here for 7 and a half years, and an assistant for over 25 years.  My interests are in the details no matter what the procedure. When not working I spend time with family and friends and my dogs.


For one year I have been a dental assistant. Working here has been a fulfilling experience. All staff members grow into their positions becoming skillful and thoughtful healthcare workers. My responsibilities here are sterilizing instruments, cleaning and setting up all operatories and chairside assistance in procedures. I’m drawn towards laboratory work required in a lot of our procedures and oral surgery procedures. When not working here, I work as a hairstylist in local salon. I have a creative personality and a passion for artwork which translates well into the laboratory work I perform here. I love spending time with my amazing daughter.



My primary role in the office is providing preventative dental care including dental cleanings to remove hard and soft deposits from teeth and surrounding tissues, oral cancer screenings and oral hygiene education. I have been working in the dental field for 7 years and practicing as a dental hygienist for 5 years. My interests in oral health care focus on educating patients on proper oral hygiene techniques and encouraging them to prevent tooth decay and disease. I particularly enjoy working through this process with periodontally involved patients to help them achieve health and stability. Outside of work, I like to find other ways to work with my hands like restoring furniture, cooking and teaching my son how to grow food in our garden.


I graduated from Middlesex Community College with an associate degree in dental hygiene in 2008. With an interest in public health, I enjoy treating patients who might have limited access to quality care. I strive to prevent disease and promote health among groups with high incidence of medical problems. Outside of work I enjoy skiing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Office Administrator 


I joined Direct Pay Dental Care in 2021. In the past year I have enjoyed working with this amazing team! My primary role for the office is administrative work and insurance coordinating. What I love about working here is that there’s always room for growth. Dr. Swann has given me the opportunity to learn the clinical aspect of the job. I’m currently training in radiology and sterilization.  In my free time I enjoy going out to dinner with my boyfriend and spending time with my dog.  



I am the insurance coordinator at DPDC. For 22 years I have been in the dental insurance field. I started working for insurance companies and 17 years ago I made the transition to private offices. I validate all insurances, process claims, reconcile denials to advocate for our patients. I have truly enjoyed watching the changes over the years in technology and being able to maximize benefits for patients. At DPDC, Dr. Swann has offered many opportunities to challenge myself and learn new procedures. Learning new procedures helps me with understanding the patient’s overall needs. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym, spending time with my adult children and cocker spaniel, and cheering on all of the Boston sports teams.


My responsibilities as the administrator include scheduling, tracking patient cases and answering patient inquiries. I’ve been in this position for one year and seven months. As a “new-comer” to the dental world I am intrigued by all of the processes and procedures associated with oral care. It is an entirely new language for me. Outside of work I spend time with my four grandchildren, visit historical sites and belong to a very active sports club.