New Discount Plan

What our new dental discount plan is:

A year contract with our office to provide you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited screening and x-rays
  • 2 Cleanings/year
  • 30% Off all services

What does it cost?

Example of your potential savings based on some of our current prices:

Crown: 1,100.00  | Your price: 770.00
Implant: 3,250.00 | Your price: 2,275.00

How does it compare to traditional dental insurance?

Our Dental discount plan:

Cost: $220/year
Annual Deductible: NONE
Yearly Maximum: No Maximum (unlimited coverage)
Waiting period on major services covered: None
Covered Services: 30% off All Services that we are able to provide

Leading Dental Insurance*

Cost: 46.90 mo/562.80 year
Annual Deductible: 50.00
Yearly Maximum: $1,000.00 then totally out of pocket
Waiting period on major services covered: 6 months
Covered Services: 100% preventative/ 50%basic /40% major of allowed services (implants and suresmile procedures NOT covered under this plan)

*this information was chosen as an example of a dental plan with comparable cost. There are many other insurance plans with varying benefits and costs.