Title sounds like your next bad rom-com flick but certainly, intentions should be discussed with your dentist.    Today everyone has such a forever increasing load of mental baggage that many times we forget to touch basis.   Especially when things matter.   Before someone cuts on you, I’d suggest you make sure intentions are mutual.

Teeth are unforgiving.  Once enamel or dentin and roots are gone it gets really expensive and sometimes dysfunctional and painful.

Your next dental appointment should involve a cogent discussion about why are you there.

Generally, everyone wants the same thing when it comes to their teeth.  They want to confidently chew, speak, and smile with them.

Once intentions are discussed, rapport is built and your opinion of your dentist becomes more precise.    No more stories regarding bad experiences which don’t amount to anything, no more changing dentist without reasons.  Just share what you think and your dentist should respond well with understanding and answers.

Just a few example topics which should be discussed:

Short-term and long-term goals

What are the options in accomplishing this goal?

Pre-operative and post-operative goals

What is the end point?  Where are we going with this treatment?

Shall I expect more need for treatment?


If your dentist cannot give you concise answers to these questions, I suggest you find another.