Dr. Marcus Swann, Dentist

Marcus Swann, DMD

Hi I’m Marcus Swann . I’m a General Dentist here at Direct Pay Dental Care. Direct Pay Dental Care was founded by Dr. Marcus T. Swann based on a simple idea. His idea abandons the old “cottage” culture of dentistry and revives the fundamental nature of a boot-strapping business serving the needs of a well-defined market. Concentrating volumes of information into an efficient system that serves a unique market is the business of Direct Pay Dental Care. We provide our patients with an uncomplicated way to receive effective dental care.

With his main dental office in Falmouth, MA, and another in Cranston, RI, Dr. Swann views his practice as a marketing business. His dental service is the product of an orchestrated effort towards condensing oral health care into a sustainable size conducive to professional integrity and good decisions.

Culture defines who we are and Dr. Swann wanted to find out more about himself. Upon graduating, he declined several highly-regarded general practice residencies, in Virginia, Maryland, and New York, and decided to extend his dental training experience to Brooklyn and Queens, New York at the St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers. Learning sedation, hospital protocol, oral surgery and advanced pediatric and special need procedures, Dr. Swann began to understand the challenges of a health care system and how it affects health care professionals and patients, alike.

For the next six years, he practiced general dentistry in Northern Virginia. Populations differ in various parts of the country, and this was magnified in the eyes of Dr. Swann. Extensive rampant caries in children as young as two years of age, gun-shot wounds, and facial lacerations of New York were now replaced by child dental prophies, soccer accidents, and cosmetic procedures. Long gone were the ameloblastomas, oral cancer, and severe dental arch discrepancies. Dr. Swann learned that outcomes can be predicted by the sheer occurrence of dental disease within groups of individuals.

In his last two years in Virginia, Dr. Swann owned his solo dental practice. All dental insurances were taken; no public insurance. He bought a practice that did mostly cosmetic procedures and whitening in a high-income bedroom community. From gun-shot wounds to Botox wounds, this dentist had seen it all. But he had seen enough. With insurance limiting his craft and diminishing his rapport with patients, he was flustered and frustrated. He had taken several classes at the world-renowned Dawson Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida and had utilized his new knowledge, but found an emptiness for the first time in his dental career. He thought dentistry and his patients had nothing to do with it, but he felt lost in his profession.

Applying to the Public Health Residency at Harvard’s School of Dental Medicine, he sought a new way. Research was the goal, and Dr. Marcus Swann entered into a doctoral program. Completing several classes at HSDM and 60 credits at Harvard’s School of Public Health, he hit crossroads once again. A general disinterest among the academic staff in his thesis topic, “Adverse Events in Previously-Restored Teeth,” influenced his next move. Although he felt like a new-found person – a Southern boy now living in New England and studying with people much smarter than he – academics were dead, at least for him.

Not to waste, his past two years, more than he knew at the time, changed his life. He now knew there was a better way for his profession. One where professional integrity was promoted, good doctor-patient relationships existed, and full diagnosis and predictable treatment was necessary for a viable business.

Dr. Swann founded Direct Pay Dental Care in 2011. He wishes to change the culture of dentistry from a scary one into a more functional one.

Currently, Dr. Swann lives in Providence and has two beautiful kids. When not practicing dentistry, he reads, writes and drinks coffee, beer and wine. He practices jui-jitsu two to three times a week and rides his bike everyday.