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Prices may differ in Rhode Island.  See our blog for updates. 


Dental screening, x-rays and cleaning 140.00

Problem focused dental screening 110.00

Periodontal treatment (deep cleaning) 880.00


Filling (tooth-colored) 260.00

Root canal, core, crown 2,660.00

Ceramic Crown 1,200.00 (Warranty *)
Made with Cerec technology

5 Year Warranty* Direct Pay Dental Care will replace its crown free of charge given the tooth foundation is stable and free of caries. Tooth foundation includes gums, bone and tooth structures.


Extractions 360.00

Bone Graft 330.00

Implant (Includes crown, abutment, implant) 3,360.00

Sinus Lift 550.00

Removable Prosthetics

Complete or partial denture 2,460.00 one arch

Temporary (Immediate) denture 1,850.00 each

Transitional acrylic partial 880.00


Occlusal Guard (Night guard) 440.00

Teeth Whitening (All Materials) 440.00

Orthodontics (SureSmile Clear Aligners) 6,000.00